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Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology East Hartford, CT
J-Con Woodworking Thomaston, CT
Cuno Inc. Meriden, CT
Ekris Cable New Britain, CT
McCallum Die Co., Inc. Plymouth, CT
Alves Precision Engineered Products Inc. Watertown, CT
Metal Finishing Technologies, Inc. Forestville, CT
Engineered Sintering & Plastcs Inc. Watertown, CT
Waterbury Plating and Painting Company Waterbury, CT
Precision Power Coating LLC Plainville, CT
BOMAG U.S.A. LLC Terryville, CT
B.M.I. Inc. Thomaston, CT
Eyelematic Manufacturing Co., Inc. Watertown, CT
Accurate Conveyor Service & Installations Bristol, CT
Bayer Films Americas Berlin, CT
Sikorsky Aircraft Div. UTC Stratford, CT
R & G Precision Tool, Inc. Thomaston, CT
Osterman & Company Cheshire, CT
Tyler Automatics Incorprorated Thomaston, CT
AGCS Accu-grind Cutter Services Inc. Terryville, CT
Amphenol Corp. Wallingford, CT
Summit Corporation of America Thomaston, CT
Watertown Plastics Inc. Watertown, CT
Hayden Machinery Co., Inc. Thomaston, CT
Borgeson Universal Company Inc. Torrington, CT
Whyco Finishing Technologies, LLC Thomaston, CT
Ward Leonard Electric Company Thomaston, CT
J & J Precision Eyelet, Inc. Thomaston, CT
Petit Tool Company Thomaston, CT
Napco Terryville, CT
Metallon Inc. Thomaston, CT
Quality Rolling & Deburring Co., Inc. Thomaston, CT
AMCI, Advanced Micro Controls Inc. Terryville, CT
KOMA Percision Inc. East Windsor, CT
Fine LineBrazing Inc. Watertown, CT
Zygo Corp. Middlefield, CT
PRIME Screw Machine Products, Inc. Watertown, CT
Armoloy of Connecticut, Inc. Bristol, CT
Edwards Segal Thomaston, CT
Gemini Tool, LLc Waterbury, CT
Hawie MFG CO. Bridgeport, CT
Tier One, LLC Newyown, CT
Apics Wallingford, CT
Manufacturers Marketing Resource Group , CT
Westinood Products. Winsted, CT
CompuWeigh Cooporation Cheshire, CT
21st Century International Hamden, CT
Utitec Inc. Usa Watertown, CT
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